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"More than 20 years ago in India, well known teacher Papaji told Soma her Dharma (destiny) was to spread the sacred rudraksha beads to the western world. “The world would be at peace if everyone was wearing them”.

Rudraksha beads are regarded as the timeless jewels of the gods, being the most powerful aid in the path of Self-realisation. It is believed that Rudraksha beads grow on trees that have emanated from the tears of Lord Shiva, and used for centuries in Hinduism and Buddhism for Self-empowerment and to live a fearless life.

We have taken Papaji's message literally and are doing what we can to spread these sacred objects wherever we can. We as human beings and as a company are dedicated to living in awareness and truth. Our main goal is to encourage peace and love amongst all the people of this world."
Aum Rudraksha Designs intends for you to be far more than just a customer. We want you to contribute to a new revolution in consumerism. We are proud to give back 20% of all our benefits to the wonderful people who cultivate our beads, create our malas and with the ones who need our help and support. We believe in creating a world where we are mindful of each other and of our planet, thus generating a pure and beautiful world based on Love and Harmony.

For more information, please check https://www.aumrudraksha.com/