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Zarah Kumara

Kundalini Yoga & Light Healing
Greece / Germany
Zarah is a Healing Artist, Light Priestess, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Singer, and a clinical Psychotherapist with a doctoral license. 

Zarah works with the angelic realm, meditative healing arts and with light crystals to harmonize and unblock energies in the physical and subtle bodies. She is licensed with a Private Practice in the greater Munich Area, Germany and travels around the world to coach and teach. She is Greek/German, raised in Northern Africa and around the world.

In her classes and international Retreats, she works her healing magic by helping humans and star seeds become their highest selves through her heart-centred and compassionate teachings and life coaching. She specializes in eclectic life coaching, as well as working with the divine feminine, creating mantra music & soundscapes, and holding classes & healing rituals around the world.