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Ulaach's roots (also called Tez) are from a Western Mongolian tribe near Ulaangoom, near the border with Tuva Republic. He has been a nomad from a young age, been to the US on a government Grant to study medicine. Ulaach has traveled for 13 years and lived with many native American tribes such as Cherokee, Navajo and Sioux tribes who practice almost identical Shamanic belief as in Mongolia. Then he continued his nomadic travel through Europe, North Africa, East Europe, Middle East, and almost all of Asia. Traveled with no plan only following vibrations with the universe being his guide showing omens everywhere. His ancestors are known throat singing Shamanic tribe.

Everywhere the people know him as a healer through sound and vibration without any advertising. Most of his travels are concentrated in tribal areas and in nature, camping and learning about Shamanic practices that have a common root. Ulaach has assisted in music concerts in Thailand touring tribal areas with a group of locals. In South Korea, he was a guest for a live radio show, and in Taiwan, he gave a lecture about Mongolian Shamanism and music at National Dong Hwa University. He has performed at an exclusive concert at Ivy Palace in Taipei. Also, Last year he was at a 30-year reunion of Mongolian cultural music Academy in Zavkhan, Central Mongolia performing with many top musicians and dancers.

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Tuesday, March 26

14:15 WITA

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