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Pablo Castro & Monika Reimann

Alchemy of Breath
USA / Germany
Pablo Castro & Monika Reimann are Certified Breath-work Practitioners and Teachers at the Facilitator training of Alchemy of Breath. They both approach transformation from their unique angle, creating a compelling fusion, for people to gain new perspectives on living a fulfilled life, to evolve, heal, and thrive together.

Pablo Castro 
Pablo Castro believes in a gentle approach to transformation, recognizing the importance and potency of feeling safe. He is a Master Teacher of Alchemy of Breath’s Facilitator training, and a mentor for their growing world-wide community.
There is a way to embrace our lives, reconnect to the joy of living, and live the life of our dreams. There is a way to remember the intentions we had before entering this realm, to align to that inner knowing and our purpose, to settle our seemingly endless search.
Pablo’s big heart and passion can be felt wherever he is. ‘’Breath-practices are becoming more popular. Why? Are you ready to inquire with each breath? I know I am!"

Monika Reimann
As a practitioner of Yoga, Pranayama, and Bodywork for over 2 decades, she has experienced the profound effects of breath. The accelerated shifts she witnessed through Breathwork spark her passion to share this practice of conscious connected breathing.
Each one of us holds unique gifts waiting to be actualized.
Breath re-connects us to the free flow of vital life-force, enabling us to clear what holds us back and anchor our inherent human potential into embodied expression.
Let’s share the adventures of expanding consciousness, bringing awareness to our breath. After all, it is available to anyone at any time.