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Native American Dancer
"Spiritual life, ancestral traditions, agriculture and nutrition are a whole, they are not separated"...

Traditional Mexican dancer, qualified landscape architect, photograph, acro-yogini, cacao ceremony, temazkalli and anothers ceremonies guide.

At 15, she started her initiation to the Mexican traditions with her spiritual grandmother who shared her knowledge of the Temazkali (traditional sweat lodges), Aztec dance, traditional ceremonials, sacred medicine and codes, indigenous chants, New Moon and Full Moon Women circles to name a few.

One of her passion is travelling the world to share those traditions. This has opened the door to many of her projects, one of the most important one being the combination of her tradition with conscious nutrition in a ceremonial of organic seed sowing.

After graduating from the UNAM Architecture faculty in 2010 she built her experience working with renowned architectural firms in Mexico City, which led her to develop her own landscape architecture concept developed around biodiversity, sustainability, nutrition and culture. In 2013 she joined the Movement des Femmes Semencieres (Movement of Seed-sowing Women) in France, and continues her involvement in projects supporting the conservation and reproduction of GMO free seeds. Her latest travels through India, Indonesia and France enriched her with new permaculture and seeds knowledge.

My Presenters Sessions

Wednesday, March 27

16:00 WITA

Saturday, March 30

10:00 WITA