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Indra Widjanarko

Namaha Yoga
A loving and compassionate yoga teacher from Lombok, Indonesia; Indra has been practicing yoga for 19 years and is well versed in many styles. She shares and organizes workshops and retreats in China, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia as well as yoga festivals in China and Australia.

Indra is a founder of Namaha Yoga, a style of yoga which brings an intention into your practice, making every move into a meaningful action. Combining music, touch, breath and movement, as well as mantras and mudras to create this joyful and heartfelt yoga style. Namaha techniques offer a step by step guidance to approach simple or challenging poses with greater awareness and ease.
“Flowing with breath and connection to the heart…feel how joyous your yoga practice can be”
Find her in Indra Yoga Studio in Mataram-Lombok! Loka Samastha Sukkhino Bhavantu
For more information on Indra, please see: www.thejourneyinwards.com