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Gypsy Bast

Pirate Booty Yoga & S.A.Y. LOVE
Gypsy Bast is a unique Yoga and meditation teacher, Pilates master, healer, and performance artist with over 22 years experience and counting. She's an energy shape-shifter who's trained Cirque du Soleil shows, traveled through many countries to share her work, and has helped thousands of people overcome pain, trauma, and fears with her teachings.
She is known for her uplifting positive attitude and the myriad of modalities which she integrates for each new audience.
She helps students intelligently discover to source their own energy power with practice and laughter.... All by sharing from her heart, and loving each day as a new miracle with joy and gratitude.
"I aim to inspire people to move with awareness, acceptance, and flow freely from one evolving stage of life to the next. My Dharma is to help others feel amazing and return to the source of wellness within all, again and again. When we express as inspired, spirit moves through us freely.”

For more information about Gypsy, see: www.dancingypsy.com