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Ciara McArdle

TRE® : Tension & Trauma Release
Ciara is a fully Certified TRE® Provider, Holistic Psychotherapist, Breakthrough Coach and Sacred Space holder. Since a profound opening at a Meditation (Vipassana) Retreat in Thailand in 1997, Ciara has passionately been exploring and training in the most effective ways of healing, transformation and awakening across the globe. 

She has worked in the fields of Personal & Spiritual Development, Mental Health, Wellness, Addiction, Trauma Recovery, Learning Disability since 2000. Once Ciara discovered TRE in 2015, she recognized it as a powerful tool to support people on their healing journeys. She immediately trained to become a Provider and is passionate about sharing it as it’s so simple yet effective and people can take it home and use as a Stress Release Tool for life! 

"I love sharing this practice as it often open doorways for people. It's like an initiation ... into the innate wisdom of their bodies, leaving them wondering what else is possible!" - Ciara, facilitator