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Crystal Sound Healing
AwaHoshi has played and researched the effects of Crystal Sound for more than twenty-five years. She embodies teachings that honor the life force and the pragmatics of this attainment in our currentreality. She will share ancient life style formulas that activate vibrancy and emotional balance. Learn to apply a knowledge that can propel navigation through stages of self-empowerment and awareness.

AwaHoshi is one of the early pioneers of crystal sound. She recorded the first cd of only crystal sound in 1994, and has played in major Mind Body Spirit Festivals in Australia, Bali, England and the USA. She studied hatha yoga with BKS Iyengar at his center in Pune, India, 1978, was a teacher of Raja Yoga for more than 12 years, Jain academic scholar 2007, holds a BS in Communication Disorders and a MS in Instructional Technology Magna cum laude, featured on BBC, NBC, RAI television specials and Austrian web TV and in many publications introducing the sound of crystal to 1000's of listeners. She holds the vision of creating a world of health and harmony together.