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Atin Heryatin

Pilates Synergy in Motion
Atin Heryatin, usually called Atin Star Pilates best known for loving sports especially pilates. She has taught about pilates since 13 years ago until now.

Besides teaching in Celebrity Fitness since 2005, now Atin has her own pilates studio named Star Pilates Studio. Her willing to introduce and socialise pilates in Surabaya, was strengthened by some instructor certificates she got. Such as: CoreSuspend Instructor Certificate, CoreReform Instructor Certificate, Bosu Personal Training Certificate, STOOT Pilates Instructor Certificate, and other certificates that are related to pilates.

In this SYNERGY IN MOTION pilates workshop, participants will learn deeper about pilates. From activating core muscle (power house), or natural corset inside our body which support the spine to be more sturdy and also, to know more about the advantages of pilates and the right way to do movement in daily life.

This pilates workshop is open to everyone who is aware about better body posture. From instructor to communities that want to get more knowledge to do effective and efficient movement therefore they get proportionally body posture.