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Anshu Singh

Living a Life of Pleasure
Anshu did her Masters of Engineering in India and moved to Silicon Valley to pursue her career in Software Engineering. She worked in the corporate environment in Software Engineering and management roles for over 20 years never really having the time to think about herself or what she really wanted from life. She lived a life of stress and pressure for most of her life starting from her childhood and living her life to please others.

Anshu was always keen to learn ways to combat stress in her daily life. She practiced yoga and meditation for many years. As Anshu's life shifted, she decided to pursue her life purpose of making a difference in health and wellbeing of people around the world and since then she has dedicated herself to studying, teaching and exploring various ways to live an optimum and vital life. She founded 'The Pleasure Revolution' to inspire people to live a life of pleasure, vitality and aliveness.

Anshu is a writer, public speaker and entrepreneur living her optimum life and she aspires to bring her work to the world. She teaches yoga, meditation, facilitates breath work sessions for trauma and emotional release and holds her signature workshops and retreats in various locations throughout the world.