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Anna Maria Magdalena

Shamanic Tantrika Arts
Anna Maria Magdalena dances through life in deep dedication and passion for the evolution of humanity. Trained in Shamanic, taoist & tantric arts for over a decade, she weaves the worlds of spirit and ecstatic embodiment as one.

Living in the Centralamerican jungle with indigenous grandmothers for many years she is deeply dedicated to the red road and Moon- and Sundance prayer. Alongside studying the therapeutic tantric and taoist vitality arts with master healers and elders in temple arts traditions.

Anna Maria is the founder of 'Shamanic Tantrika Arts' & the 'Earth Priestess Facilitators Trainings', holding retreats and trainings worldwide for women and men who are ready to evolve into their fullest potential, true lifeforce & ecstatic embodiment. She is based at her sacred waterfall temple sanctuary in Bali.
For more information about Anna Maria, see: www.shamanictantrikaarts.com