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Dean Powell

Dean is a Transformational coach, Spiritual guide, and a pioneer on the cutting edge of addiction and human relationships.

His primary mission in this life is to create open loving space for all feelings to be shared, not just the pleasant, where people can wake up to their true essence and live abundantly and without limitation.

Dean is one of the worlds leading experts on addiction and it’s many faces and masks. He helps people all over the world to transform their addictions to tap into their own powerful potential and live a life of ease and grace.

Despite his impressive background and experience Dean’s true gift is his ability to hold safe, gentle and loving space, reminding people of who they really are, so their own inner healer can emerge.

Dean’s life is a testament to self-empowerment and dedication to helping people from all walks of life to find inspiration from within.

He also has a deep musical background. He has led numerous drumming circles, cacao ceremonies, men circles and a wide range of workshops, around the world, helping others to find their authentic expression.