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Afro-Latin Fusion Medicine Music
Born in France in 1985 in the multicultural Paris, Sito Reno was influenced from a young age by African, ethnic and native music. He started rapping, dancing and singing with hip-hop, reggae and dancehall from the age of 15 he later discovered the joy and liberation that African and ethnic rhythms and chants provides for people. This passion for native cultures brought him on a travelling journey from the age 18 when he started singing with his guitar and travelled extensively in Spain, Portugal, Jamaica and Latin America, bringing Spanish and Portuguese into his singing and Afro-Latino rhythms and melodies into his guitar music.

A few years later in Africa, Burkina Faso started to play the Ngoni, an African harp that seduces the ear and the heart with its celestial and percussive sounds. Nomad in the soul, he participated in numerous projects including the formation Choque cultural in Colombia and Venezuela, Tribu do astral in Brazil, Sahaja bless and katumba in India and recently Oazik in France. Sahaja is very much connected to the circles of sacred medicines, his music and voice is infused with the spiritual and healing energy of sacred plants ceremonies.

This quest for the healing and medicine music and songs and the love for them brought him to start sharing singing circles and sound healing mostly wherever he travels. This is to sow the seed of music and healing in the heart of people.