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World, Reggae, Jazz, Hip-Hop
Koradub was born in Chile from the fusion of ancestral instruments like the Kora, originally from Africa and the Sitar, from India. Mixing the contemporary sounds of Dub, the colors and beauty of jazz, reggae, hip-hop and Drum & Bass, with empowering and uplifting lyrics that make their way to the hearts of everyone.

Koradub invites the audience on a journey into the senses, bringing up soft melodies of meditation and insight to reach an explosion of rhythm and dance, transmitting the conscious and positive message that we are all One.

By gathering different influences of the world, Koradub gives birth to multicultural music that dances to the Universe.

The force of the Andean Mountains, the knowledge of the Ganges River, the pulsing heart of Africa sings out through Koradub’s spirit in an international mixture of sounds.