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Jonny Joon

Tribal Future Bass
Los Angeles native music producer and artist Jonathan Hakakian, better known as his alias Jonny Joon, has been living and breathing sound since he played his first piano key at four-years-old. His unique dreamy, mystical, tribal, electro sound can be attributed to his wide-range of musical influences and inspirations. Born to Persian-Israeli parents, Jonny Joon’s multi-cultural background, and subsequently, his desire for a peaceful world can be heard as a strong undercurrent in his nostalgic tribal soundscapes.

Joon began his career in reverence and in support of other accomplished artists. At age 13 he composed, performed and recorded his first classical piece ‘Salute To Mozart’ with the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra. In his early 20’s, he collaborated on several Grammy-nominated albums with world-renowned Stanley Clarke and The Stanley Clarke Band, including 2010’s Grammy Winner for Best Contemporary Jazz Album. Most recently, his Indian inspired production of the album, Here In My Heart, with artist Priya Deepika Mohan won the Best World Music category at the Global Peace Song Awards in 2017, which also went on to be nominated as a finalist in several other categories.

Joon’s production and compositional style craft rich alchemy of future bass sound design, neo-soul dance rhythms, and deep soul-evoking chord progressions. Pushing boundaries isn’t something Joon leaves solely to his musical production, his psycohnautic tendencies are exemplified in his inquiring lyrical style, “How far can you go into the unknown?” Joon’s Venusian-inspired single, “Dream With You” is a psychedelic love affair with deep sub-aquatic bass and Jonny’s sultry vocals. There’s no denying the latent sensuality in Joon’s tracks.

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