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Organic Tribal Electronic Music
Messenger/visionary for people to connect: through the magic of music, frequencies, vibrations. Intiche was born in South America, but for 18 years he is based in Berlin and Germany. He started to play music at the age of 4 and when he was 12 years old he already started to mix acoustic instruments with electronic music. After travelling 5 times in South America and 2 times in Africa and Europe, he decided to go to Berlin to get deeper into electronic music and develop his own style of organic electronic music. He is playing thousands of gigs around the world festivals, ecstatic dances, ceremonies, sound journeys, healing gatherings, clubs, etc… His music is a deep fusion of natural-organic sounds, traditional instruments and traditional music from ancient cultures, electronic downtempo, minimal, trance, tribal. New visions for old connections. His will take us into the heart of jungle-mountain-seas-landscape, flying to space and back as we stomp on the grounds of the Pachamama soil together and shake the spirits to the bones.